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Our Company

Our company appears for first time in the field of alternative activities since 1991 but its present form has existed since the beginning of 1999.It deals with a wide range of activities such as alternative tourism packages, specially designed programs in nature, affiliate programs, events, conferences, promotions, incentive trips, experiential education programs and much more.


The staff of our company is  specialized in every field of work, many of our executives are leaders in their field with many years of experience holding the highest level of education in their field.

The equipment we provide at our activities (Rafting, Rappel, Canyoing, Hiking) is the most appropriate according to the strictest standards of the International Federations regulating each sport, and its maintenance is occurred diligently at regular periods.

We have offices in Athens as well as a fully equipped multifunctional base in hilly Arcadia (Lousios River) which is located in a three-storey building of two hundred and fifty square.

Location of our company activity is specially selected places across Greece.Selection criteria for these areas are the harmonization of activities with the environment, the emergence of natural wealth, the aesthetics of space and accommodation and finally the very important anthropogenic factor.


We have solid cooperation with organizations such as the General Secretariat for Youth, the University, the Polytechnic, the Federation of Bank Employees of Greece  and various Technological Foundations of the country.With schools, associations, gyms, as well as large companies such as advertising, pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, information technology and more.

We have also been supporting and implementing activities for various broadcasts on TV channels and TV program companies.