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Canyoning in Neda

In one of the most imposing gorges of the Peloponnese and all over Greece in Neda, CANYONING’s activity is an amazing experience.Here nature has made a small miracle with many narrow passes that are crossed by the crystal clear waters of the thirty-plus sources we meet on our route.The countless small lakes formed next to the high waterfalls of the gorge and the tunnels which the river passes through give the landscape a unique imposing.Crossing it, sometimes by swimming and sometimes walking along the riverside is something that will be unforgettable  for those who attempt.


Greece, as an essentially mountainous country, has among its mountainous volumes many impressive canyons.Crossing them, sometimes walking through the water and swimming sometime next to the impressive waterfalls and countless lakes, following the wet element will impress even the most demanding wildlife enthusiasts offering unique experiences.

Lousios Gorge

Wild beauty gorge with spectacular nature and dozens of small sources along its length.Crossing it sometimes by swimming, sometimes walking along riverside and jumping from its rocks is something that will be unforgettable to those who try it.