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Rafting in Lousios and Alfios

Among the most impressive rivers in Greece is Lousios and Alfios, the route is entirely located in a narrow gorge with copious quantities of waters and tremendous germination, where in many places the trees form a tunnel and the water passes literally below them.
The beauty of the landscape with the wondrous germination, the stone arched bridges, the fountains that go out the plane trees and the beautiful sculptures that is formed by the water-sculpted rocks in conjunction with the impressive passages and the crystal clear waters make it the most popular rafting route in Greece. Information about this  specific route and rafting more generally in Greece can be found on our site.

A few words about Rafting

Rafting began more than forty years ago from the rivers of America and the famous Grand Canyon.In the beginning, as a need to access inaccessible areas with only a way of passing through the river and slowly over time it has evolved into an impressive sport.Today it is a well known sport all over the world.The most popular destinations for rafting besides the United States and the Grand Canyon is Latin America with Costa Rica and Chile to probably have the most impressive rivers in the world, Nepal and the Himalayan region and the Zambezi River in Africa.In Europe the rafting is well known and very popular in almost all countries bordering the Alps like France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy but also in areas such as Slovenia and the Pyrenees in Spain.

In Greece, the most popular rivers that can be practiced throughout the year are Lousios and Alpheios in the Peloponnese.Other rivers that some periods might be appropriate for rafting is Arachthos, Evinos, the Trikerioti the Venetikos the Tavropos and Voidomatis

What is rafting?

Rafting is the river downhill with a specially designed inflatable boat.Its name comes from the English word raft.The boat has no keel and consists of at least five different floats (tubes) so that if one of them punctured it can safely continue the descent.It is also self-sufficient and the water that enters it can come out on its own basis of the principle of communicating vessels.Their capacity is among four to ten people with the most popular for the Greek rivers those of these six to eight people.A specially trained attendant undertakes to crossing the river with each boat.

How difficult is it?

Rafting is a sport that initially address to everyone without requiring a special physical condition and muscle strength.As in all activities and in rafting too, there are different levels of difficulty in a rating from one to six. On routes up to the third rate of difficulty, everyone can participate, on the condition that they know swimming and be cooperative, while for trips with a rate of difficulty more than three, good physical condition and relative experience are required. The difficulty of a route depends on the river’s morphology, the number of passages, the difficulty of accessing it and the volume of water.

When do it?

The period of rafting is usually from October to June.But there are rivers such as Lousios that you can do rafting throughout the year.The most impressive time for those who ask for something more is usually from December to March.

For those who are looking for tension in their free time there is nothing better than a rafting downhill, a sport that appeals to everyone without requiring a particular physical condition but good mood and endless cheerfulness.

Downhills are made in easy sections of the river for beginners but also harder and more impressive for the experienced of the sport.

The routes we have chosen pass through narrow gorges with many alternations of the landscape and impressive passages. In many places the plane trees form a tunnel above the river, creating a spectacular sight.

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