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Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak is a truly spectacular activity, explore inaccessible beaches and beautiful seashores, swim in clear waters away from crowds and noise and see from another point of view the water exposure.

The boats are safe and stable, especially fast, with plenty of comfort, and are aimed at everyone without any need of special physical condition, only cheerfulness and good mood.

They are also ideal for long-distance getaways with staying in remote beaches combining exploration with swimming, water games, fishing, as well as barbeque with singing, guitars and music around the fire at night.Of course, we take care of offering you all the aforementioned at a minimal cost.

You can choose a short stroll near the beach or a distant exploration even a long day getaway, the choice is yours, we are close to you to accompany you to initiate you in the magical world of sea kayak.

Choose what suits you and live a unique experience.

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