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Hiking in the gorge of Lousios

The famous Lousios Gorge in hilly Arcadia with many sights and beautiful nature offers a pleasant and carefree walk.Here are located the historical significant monuments such as the Cryophile School, Ancient Gortyna with the Baths of Asclepius, the Hydro Driving Museum, as well as the famous monasteries of Philosopher and Prodromos with the significant action on Turkish domination and their imposing presence on the rocks.The duration of the routes varied from one and a half to five hours and the main feature of all is that they pass through green shady paths.


Between shady forests and stone aristocratic villages, in the green mountains of our homeland we have chosen for you some of the most beautiful walking trails.The routes are many and vary depending on the distance and the natural environment, but the main feature of all is that they are surrounded by a green landscape with plane trees, fir trees and plenty of water.

A few words about the area

The verdant canyon of Lousios took its name after the king of ancient gods Zeus, who when was just born, has been washed that is the reason of the name Lousios in the sources of  Nymphs Theseus, Agnos and Neda, who protected him from his father Saturn, who as it is known used to eat his children.A little further of Dimitsana is the Outdoor Hydropower Museum at Kefalari of Ai Giorgi, which during the Revolution moved 14 waterworks and many tannery.Today it operates as a Museum where you have the opportunity to observe how to exploit the kinetic energy that water offers to carry out a multitude of tasks during the past, such as grinding grain, washing clothes, skinning and preparing a gunpowder for the needs of the liberation struggle in 1821.It has been awarded by the European Union for its unique characteristic.Inside the gorge on our right we meet the Philosopher Monastery, which was built more than 1,000 years ago on an inaccessible rock, where during the Ottoman occupation it was a Hidden School. It was here where Palaion Patron Germanos, Gregory E and seventy more Hierarchs attended.Opposite the Philosophos Monastery and the left riverside of Lousios is the Monastery of Timios Prodromos, which was built in the 16th century and during the Ottoman domination it was used as a hospital.From here we have the chance to admire the imposing hermitages of the monks that are tens of meters above the ground, offering a unique spectacle.Finally, at the exit of the path you will find Ancient Gortyn. Excavations in 1952 brought to light Ancient Gortyn and the baths of Asclepius.Ruins of the city that were destroyed in the 2nd century AD have been discovered, a temple of Asklepios and the very advanced technological facilities of the baths.The cult of Asclepius was directly connected with the bath therapy at that time.